Imbros protectiv Mask
Body care

Special development and structure for the most sensitive faces

Body care
The Muvu Imbros hygienic mask is developed with an ergonomic design, fits the facial surface, completely covering the nose and mouth, to protect the membranes and mucous membranes.

With reinforced elastic bands around it, it facilitates adjustment and comfort in handling and use; allowing different degrees of anatomical adaptation.
In the case of healthcare personnel or other professionals who use a higher security mask, the fabric of the Muvu hygienic mask avoids direct contact of this equipment with the professional's skin, which protects its integrity during intense work days.


  • Elastic fabric Adaptability with no pressure
  • Seamless No skin irritation
  • High breathability Sense of comfort


Regenactiv® textile technology
The Regenactiv® textile technology is based on the interaction of two threads that woven together give MUVU garments their protective qualities.

The textile fibre that makes up the Regenactiv® technology is a natural and biodegradable main yarn (viscose of vegetable origin and chitin of marine origin, called Viscose CH) intertwoven with a second spin of ionised polyamide with silver called Polyamide Ion.

This novel and exclusive combination results, in contact with the skin, extra protection in the maintenance and improvement of its immunological and defensive qualities, enhancing the skin's natural mechanisms to deal with external factors that jeopardize its integrity .

The Regenactiv® technology is applied is many garments made for different parts of the body:

  •  "Foot care" line: socks indicated for use as prevention, in conditions such as mycosis of the feet, hyperhidrosis, hyperkeratosis and small diabetic foot injuries.

  • "Body care" line: tubular and prosthetic socks (in development) oriented to cases of risk of pressure ulcers, both in the feet and in other parts of the body.

  • "Body care" line: Gloves used as a complementary treatment in pathologies such as hand dermatitis.

  • “Body care” line: top (in development) aimed at cases of breast edema and radiotherapy dermatitis.

  • "Intimate care" line: collection of underwear and second skin garments (in development) indicated for cases of Butterfly Skin, keratosis ...

  •  "Body Care Line ”: collection of hair textile (hat and ribbon) oriented to cases of hair implants.

Any sensitive skin or that suffers an agression, is benefited by the use of these garments.
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Imbros protectiv Mask


Reusable hygienic mask. Approval according to European Standard CWA 17553: 2020 community face coverings.

It does not irritate the skin, it offers maximum comfort and adaptability and thanks to its revolutionary fabric it presents a wide antibacterial and antifungal range.

Its ergonomic design, with two reinforced elastic bands around its contour, facilitates adjustment and comfort in handling and use.


It maintains the balance of humidity, isolating the skin from the environment and achieving an optimal environment that favors and improves the skin’s own recovery.

Reduces and avoids:

· Overheating of the skin

· Dermal irritation

FILTRATION EFFICIENCY for particles of 3 (± 0.3) microns · EN 14683 Annex B

5 WASHES ≥88’46 BFE

Trial No. 2020 TM 3366 Aitex

50 WASHES ≥84’84 BFE

Trial No. AR-20-YL-003887-02 EUROFINS

100 WASHES ≥78.52 BFE

Trial No. AR-20-YL-004364-02 EUROFINS


EN 14683: 2019 + AC 2019 Annex C

5 WASHES 44’2 Pa / cm2

Trial No. 2020 TM 3366 Aitex

50 WASHES 59’3 Pa / cm2

Trial No. AR-20-YL-003887-02 EUROFINS

100 WASHES 56 Pa / cm2

Trial No. AR-20-YL-004364-02 EUROFINS

It is not a medical device according to directive 93/42 or EU regulation 2017/745 or PPE according to EU regulation 2016/425


Regenactiv® textile technology



  • One size fits all


  • 40% Viscose CH
  • 45% Poliamide Ion
  • 15% Elastane


  • Adaptability
  • Breathability
  • Antibacterial
  • Therapeutic


  • Wash using the delicate setting, at a maximum temperature of 60°C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use chlorine-based bleach
  • Do not iron